RDP with Dual Monitors

I was wondering how to use RDP with Dual Monitors?
I already know about the mstsc /span command, however this usually only works when the monitors are of the same resolution/size.

My issue lies with one being a laptop screen, and the other a 22 inch LCD. The client would still like to be able to use dual monitors when using rdp, from what i have found, it is possible to edit the rdp options by saving a shortcut then editing in notepad, is there a way i can set up custom screen resolutions for multiple monitors in that?
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Not that I am aware of.  The span option doesn't treat the monitors as discreet monitors, it spans them together to create a single large worksurface through the RDP session, which is why they need to be the same resolution.

Same resolution AND same orientation.  If one is portrait and the other landscape I believe it breaks as well.  They also must be arranged horizontally.  If they are tiled in a square I don't think it works (four monitors in a square for example).  
Here is a nice freebie:
Look at Wyse Multi-Display.  When you load it on the remote system and enable it, the program will allow you to contain apps in the boundaries of the monitors despite being in a span which is just a combination of the resolution of the displays.  It works for nearly all programs...Citrix seamless from within a remote session doesn't work as well as few other things.  
Iscape_MackayAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your help, but one of my colleagues has in fact worked out a way to use dual monitors with different sized screens.
The trick lies with working with mstsc in windowed mode, then you can manually configure the following values of the RDP file in notepad.


whilst a bit dodgy, it does allow you to use 2 different sized monitors in dualscreen.

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It is cool you can work around it but you will not be able to get support from MS; that is the difference between what can work and what they will support.  
Also check out http://www.splitview.com/
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