Transfer data from multiple sheets into 1 summery sheet


I am trying to collect information from random cells in multiple Excel files (200+) into 1 summery file.  
ex.  From Quote tab to Summery tab  (see attachment).
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Can you try uploading that file again?  I am having trouble reading it :)
If I understand you correctly all you would have to do is to go to the Summary Sheet and click in the Cell underneath the Column e.g. Quote Price, type the = sign then switch to the Tab e.g Quote tab and click in the Cell that you wish to display in the Summary Sheet and press Enter. This will create a direct link from the Summary Tab to the Quote Tab. The same applies for a Tab in a different Excel workbook. Make sure both workbooks are open then follow the same process as mentioned above.
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Made this VBscript which starts Excel and reads the cell information from all Excel files in the same folder that the VBscript is in. The REQUEST.XLSX is also necessary for the summary information. Depending on the number of Excel files it might take up to several minutes to consolidate a few hundred files...

You can start the consolidate.vbs by double-clicking from Windows Explorer or from the command-line.

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JuJuChiaAuthor Commented:
Hi Matthewspatrick:
I have re-uploaded the file below.  Please let me know if you still have trouble seeing it.  

Hi Ydsonline:
Yes, you understanded the issue correctly.  The only problem is I am collecting 18 different information from different cells on over 200 Excel files.  (that's 18 x 200 = 3600 cells that I need to create a link to)  The good news is, only 3 forms are used.  That means I can obtain each information from a predictable location in the original file.  

Hi Yogi4life:
I will take a look at the files you sent.  Thank you.  
JuJuChiaAuthor Commented:
You are amazing, Yogi4life!
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