Check Version of Crystal Report

Hi All,
  I have program that report by crystal report, from report files xxx.rpt how can I know this file make by witch version for crystal report,

  Last month I'm bought Crystal Report XI and try to edit this file, When I'm save this file and try to preview by application seem like It not work, So I guest this report may creat by other version, Any one know how to check please advise.

   Thank in Advance.

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I don't know of a good way to check the version.  It must be embedded in the file since Crystal can detect that it is an earlier version or a later version.

Did you get any warnings when you opened the file in CR XI?

You might look for the crviewer.dll file or other files with cr as the fir charaters.

Look at the CRXF_xxxx files and craxdrt.dll

If you check their properties the details tab should give you the version

Make sure you are using the files from the application and not your Crystal install.

What application are you using?  I know of some viewers that can check if an rpt file has been changed and then not use it.

Simpson_STLAuthor Commented:
As I'm understand they user VB.Net and report to Crystal Report

So I'm would like to change aliment in this report, when I'm open by CrystalReport XI and save it,
It can't view by this application any more. So I'm guest I may open by differnce version.
Please advise.

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Simpson_STLAuthor Commented:
Hi mlmcc:

   As Im check in my PC, They have 3 version in 3 difference dir.
C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports  = V7.0
C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component = V8.0
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\bin = 11.0

Note : Because this application has been use for long time, They have many reports in this application.
First time they creat by Crystal Report 7, Then upgrade to 8 and Crystal Report 10
   So some old files still version 7 and 8, But some new report aready version 10.

  Now I have 1 report file "Sale Report", I'm would like to change some wording, when I'm open by Crystal Report XI "That we just bought license from our vendor last 2-3 month" and save it, It can't preview in this application.

So Now I'm try to check this file make by witch version. Please advise.

From the version of the designer (I assume that is part of the application) it is CR7.  CR8 cannot open files from CR9 or later.

You may be out of luck unless you can find a copy of CR8

Simpson_STLAuthor Commented:
So you mean, If I can find CR9 I can right ?

Because I can't find CR10 in market now, But for CR9 I'm not check yet.

No.  If my assumption is correct that you are using the CR8 viewer, then you need to find CR8 or CR8.5.  CR7 cannot open CR8 reports.


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