Using EasyCGI MX record, with MS MX server 2007 configured - how do I get mail flowing to the MX server

Hello all,

I have an MX record registered with easy-cgi - call it Easy-Cgi is my domain controller.I am running MX server 2007 on Small Business Server 2008. In Mail Exchange I have the "receive mail from IPs" set correctly. I have the send connector set to the easy cgi domain name given to me. I do not have any users set up on easy-cgi - like but they are set up on the mail exchange server.

This is my question:
1. is it possible in the first place to receive and send mail through this set up?
2. If so what are the changes I need to make, to make this work.

Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.
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Yes You Certainly can recieve mail via this set up.

Here are a couple of things you need to do:

1. From your ISP, Make sure that the MX record is pointing to your mail server.
2. On your Firewall or Router which is facing Internet Open port 25. And it is allowing SMTP traffic to your mail Server.
3. Make sure proper permissions are set up for recieveing mail from outside. Recieve Connectors have to be properly Configured.

One clarification though: Send Connectors are only used to send mail to internet and between servers. Not for recieving mail. For recieving mail only Recieve Connectors are used on your server.


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paxITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. I currently have it configured that way. The send connector is using the DNS to route emails - my bad!

The problem I have with this set up (and I should have made this clearer) is that there is no spam filtering through easycgi. I end up pointing all the spam to my server. Is it possible to have easycgi provide spam filtering and then have my send connector get the filtered emails alone?

I have been using "postini" in the past for this service. Looks I'll have to go back to them again - unless anyone else have other inputs...

See, The best practice is never to have Mail delivered to your Exchange Server directly from Internet. Instead you should have it routed via a SmartHost Or a Spam Gateway, Which like you said could be an online service such as Postini or you could have a dedicated spam filter which can sit at the edge behind your firewall. As Far as easyCGI goes I am not really sure if it provides Spam Filtering.

Same goes for outgoing emails as well, you should route them via a SmartHost. Using DNS is not really such a good Idea.


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paxITAuthor Commented:
Yeah I agree, I now have postini doing the filtering. And I guess the answer to the question overall is - NO!

Thanks again for your inputs, really appreciate it
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