What does the following css selector display?

span#a p.fld
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Shinesh PremrajanConnect With a Mentor Engineering ManagerCommented:
This is what the CSS denotes

span#a p.fld{

<span id="a"><p class="fld">This is Test</p></span>

Hope this helps
JuamezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, just as shinug explains by using an example:

SPAN and P are HTML-tags.
"#" means the ID of the tag and "." means the class of the tag.
What follows the "#" and "." are the ID and CLASS itself.

Also because p.fld is standing right of span#a with only a whitespace between them, it denotes the fact that all P-tags of class "fld" that are a child of span with ID "a" of an arbitrary generation (doesn't have to be the first generation child) are selected.

So, the css selector would apply also on this example:

<span id="a"><span class="ex1"><p class="fld">This is Test</p></span></span>

Even if P.fld isn't a direct child of SPAN#a, but SPAN#a is still an ancestor of P.fd.
amuktaAuthor Commented:
HI! Shinug,

So, does this display the text between <p></p> tags...which is in our example, This is test?
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JuamezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What do you mean by that question?
Shinesh PremrajanConnect With a Mentor Engineering ManagerCommented:
Css is use for the text formatting and the design layout of the page.

The example depicted above is used to just show how is the tag is referenced

the below tag as such used is invalid, so i had written an example for how to use the css for a tag.

span#a p.fld

The above sequence is actually used to identify the tag in a css.

Hope this helps..
amuktaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the detailed explanation!!!
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