Script to remove first page from all PDFs in a folder

This sounds like it should be easy, but I've had a hard time finding any program or toolkit that can batch-process a folder full of PDFs, removing the first page from each PDF and re-saving each using the same file name as before.

Perhaps with pdftk, but I can't tell:

Has anyone achieved anything similar?
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NRTCFConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Choosing action 'Delete Pages' and then choosing Page 1 didn't work - I had to click OK for each processed document, and it didn't delete the page anyway.

But I figured it out: I needed to create a batch sequence that executed a Javascript command, which I've attached.

I also set the javascript to non-interactive mode so it wouldn't bug me every time. Now when I run that sequence it actually works.

(Notice I set the page number to 0, not to 1, as apparently Acrobat treats the first page as 'Page 0.')

Thanks for getting me on the right track.

/* Delete First Page */

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Adobe Acrobat Pro does this as part of the Document processing options. Create a batch sequence that deletes Page 1 and then select the save as options which also allow for in place saving.

I somehow suspect that you were not looking for Acrobat though...

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