What is important to take handover document in an active directory server

What is important to handover document in an active directory server Site. Checjlist for receive handover from anther Engineer.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A netowork diagram is always good, you can also make that yourself using ADTD http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=cb42fc06-50c7-47ed-a65c-862661742764&displaylang=en

That will document your sites, OU structure, domain structure, and exchange.

A list of service accounts and what they are used for and their passwords

DNS configuration/documentation

Group Policy documentation

List of IP addresses of the servers and DRAC/iLO (if applicable)

If the servers are using DRAC or iLO then get those passwords

DSRM passwords

Backup documentation

One handy thing is a POC list for other key people in the organization (firewall, network, application POCs, etc)

That should be a good starter list


Dear Friend,
                 If u r going to resing from u r Company, U should submit Handover Document. Its should be a  Documentation or a History of the Server. Then only a next person who is going to handle u r position will aware about the Server history.

The Main importance is case history will help to solve all the problems easily.

Following could be the possible list for handing over and taking over of AD.
Explain your computer, user, domain, and OU naming conventions.
Describe your OU hierarchy and the reasoning behind it.
Briefly describe the main functions of your Group Policy Objects and why you organized them as you did.
Describe your network numbering conventions and DHCP configuration, if applicable. Describe your DNS configuration.
 Describe your Windows Firewall exceptions.
List the the Windows Server roles and third-party software installed on each server.
Note the locations of Active Directory's FSMO roles.
Describe the organization's policy for when to add new user accounts or revoke existing user accounts.
Describe the organization's policies for user restrictions (related to GPO details above). If you are responsible for the network as well, provide a building wiring diagram.
Describe the delegated tasks and users who are assigned. As well their approvals from management.
Take all the necessary sign off document.
Schema Extension sign off if exist.
Incident reports if any.
Backup policies ans backup location and procedure. Last backup.

there could be alot more accoring to your organization.
Nitin ShudraCommented:
can you please provide me the questionnaire for MS active directory new implementation

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