How to make,, load faster (home page takes > 30s)

Our users frequent, however usually it takes more than20s ~ 30s  for items to be displayed on the home page.

We did notice the title bar (" - Breaking news, Weather, US, International .....") displays in under 2 seconds and thereafter is a lot of waiting for , a full 20s before anything on the home page appears.

After the home page is loaded, all other links on is displayed in under 5s when clicked on.

I have checked the user's PC, 3rd party and session cookies are allowed. The PC is Dell T3400 Dual Core, 4GB ram, 10k rpm HDD, Win XP x64 SP3, IE7 SP2, Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.

I have tried increasing the concurrent connections in IE and Firefox but it does not help.

fyi loads in under 5s so there is no likelihood of Internet bandwidth congestion.

On IE7, pshing detection is disabled.

Any suggestions?
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You can try adding the sites to the Trusted Zone in Internet Options with all options enabled to see if that helps. Also please make sure you have the latest Java version installed.

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clear out your IE settings. Un-cluttering will do the trick

Try this
1. Download and install Ccleaner from and run this utility to clear junk from the computer.
2. Download, Install and update malware bytes and use it to scan and remove the infections from the computer.
3. Reset the browser.
4. If you are using a router, change the MTU size to 1462
5. Restart the computer and try again.
This depends on user's software installed on the machine, on the page itself that IE is trying to load, etc.
As nishantdewan said use CCleaner, that is a must in my opinion, my further advice would be to:
get the latest JRE version 
get the latest adobe flash player 
disable file sharing software if any - torrent, dc, etc.
after all of this is done and it still takes long to load  it might really help to get FireBug (firefox plugin ) in order to see exactly what is taking so long - it may be a big JavaScript file that is taking longer to process.
I use both of these browsers at a regular basis but i mostly use Opera then FF then IE and all that I will say is that Opera loads the pages a bit faster.Now if you don't want to have too many browsers installed on the PC then try to find out what
a) is taking so much to load (using firebug)
b) what programs interact with your web - browsers (a script / popup blocker from your antivirus for example toolbars that other prgrams installed in your IE, etc.)
c) what programs use your Internet connection
c1)If you are on a network with multiple pc's that connect via a wireless router (or a switch) then it might be one user using most of the bandwidth hence making your pages load slower
c2)If this happens only in certain parts of the day for instance only in the evening or the weekends then it might be a sign that your network is slowing down, unable to handle too many requests, downloads, etc.
artradisAuthor Commented:
It still takes twice as long. But I am beginning to suspect the firewall. Going through the FW takes 49s to load. Bypassing the Watchguard Firebox FW, it only takes 21s to load.
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