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Gigabit LAN switch - casacde cable more efficient than CAT6 cross cable?

I have 4 Gigabit LAN switches with one central (star config) switch and 3 other switches connected to it in a star config.

We run several streaming data apps and sometimes the user session connection (to apps server) gets dropped, I suspect it is due to heavy load on the LAN.

Should we change to switches with backplan cuscade cable which I suspect is much more efficient than using CAT6 cbales to join all the switches?

Also which managed 48port GBE switch is able to cuscade?

4 Solutions
If you have stackable switches then almost always the stack ports are considerably faster than the main network ports.  Using the stack connectors and cables is more efficient, however it also considerably more expensive.  Stackable switches tend to be quite expensive.

Here are a few 48 port examples.


Yes, you are probably only getting 1GB/s linking the switches with a cat6 cable. Using the stack cable, you should get around 20GB/s, depending on the switch
Stacking may or may not help depending on where the issue is. Can you see stats anywhere that indicate what switch or links are an issue? Also make sure your links are all coming up at 1gb full duplex between switches etc.

As far as stackable switches go I would recommend looking at the Enterasys C series line of switches.

sing your Cascade cable will essentially treat you switch stack as one switch. In other words you would get backplane speeds versus ethernet speeds.

Think of it like you just took two 48 port switches and turned it into a 96 port switch.

Any way you look at it, you will be faster with a cascade cable. Of course, this is assuming that network speeds are your issue.

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