Adding a secondary address for receiving only - Exchange 2007


I hope someone can remind me how to do something I've already done! I have multiple domains going through my Exchange 2007 server and am now adding another. On some of the users of the other domains, I've configured it such that the actual acount is but, if you mail in to, it hits the mailbox. The reason for this is that the old addresses were in the convention first name only. We want to change to firstname.surname but obviously still need to receive mail on firstname@.

Looking through all my notes and the settings, I can't remember how I did this. Can anyone help?

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I am not sure what you are looking for but maybe you just need to add an alias for the user ?

open EMC -> recipient config -> mailboxes
double click on the user -> email addrsses

and add
zkayyalAuthor Commented:
See, that's what I thought. The strange this is, the other accounts that are working fine on the other domain don't have any entries there! I'll give it a try with a test account and see how I get on. I'm sure I did something different last time though.
in ESM: organisation configuration => Hub transport => Email address policies.

Edit your current poliby (or the policy which does if you have multiple).make sure both and are both present in the email address section. You can set the default to what you want then...

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err, that is, if you would like to use this for all the users to which the policy applies...
zkayyalAuthor Commented:
Thanks tombour, that was the method I had previously used. I think this one can be closed off now but I'm going to wait until the MX record propogates, just so I can be sure.

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