How to configure Exchange 2007 to accept empty MAIL FROM:<>


I have an Exchange 2007 (SBS). When I try to send mail to a certain domain, it's mail server tries to verify my email adress by callback.
I then get an error report from my Exchange Server stating the following: #550-Callback setup failed while verifying <*********@***.at> 550-Called: 550-Sent: MAIL FROM:<> 550-Response: 550 5.5.0 Sender domain is empty. 550-The initial connection, or a HELO or MAIL FROM:<> command was 550-rejected. Refusing MAIL FROM:<> does not help fight spam, disregards 550-RFC requirements, and stops you from receiving standard bounce 550-messages. This host does not accept mail from domains whose servers 550-refuse bounces. 550 Unknown sender ##

I guess this is the bottom line: - This host does not accept mail from domains whose servers 550-refuse bounces.

How can I enable Excjange to accept the verification request??

Thank You
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Have a read of the following article and look at the Blank Sender Filtering option, which has presumably been configured.
Or just type in the Exchange Shell:
Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlankSenderBlockingEnabled $false
silentmodeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help! I tried disabling BlankSenderBlocking as well as disabling Sender Filtering all together - with no luck.

I have a FortiMail 100C MailSecurity Appliance in front of the Exchange and it seems that the mail is rejected there. I have not found the solution to this but I am getting support from my distributor.
If anyone has the same problems with a FortiMail and Exchange, check back, I will post the solution to this as soon as possible !

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