Outlook Meeting Invites Automatically being accepted

Hi All,

I have a very stange issue with MS outlook and I can't seem to nail it. When a user's delegate receives the meeting requests for a calendar she manages the meetings sit there for a few mins and then get auto accepted.

Its as though the resource scheduling is enabled but its not. The other thing that isnt happening that should is usually the outlook sniffer would add them as tentitive before being accepted etc but its not doing this. The only thing that stops these meeings being added automatically is disabling the processing of emails on receipt, which I have enabled as a work around for now.

Troubleshooting so far:

Isolated it down to this outlook client as it doesn't happen when outlook isnt running or the user is running outlook via citrix.
Removed and readded the delegation
Recreated the users MAPI profile
Enabled and disabled the resource scheduling
Run outlook with the following switches /cleanrules /cleansniff / cleanprofile /cleanclientrules /cleanservrules

Some assistance would greatly be appreciated.

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execsupportAuthor Commented:
Fixed this myself!

Mapped the users mailbox and ran the putlook.exe /cleanfreebusy switch and evreything is back to normal. Meetings received by the delegates now o in as tentative and do not auto accept :)


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