Apache and WebLogic in Clustering

Hi Experts

I have set up WebLogic 10.3 on Solaris 10 (SPARC x86).  Within weblogic I have the AdminServer, and have set up a cluster of 3 other servers web1a (port 7003), web1b (using port 7004) and web1c (using port 7005).  I have deployed an application in which I can access directly through http://servername:7003/<application>, http://servername:7004/<application>, http://servername:7005/<application> so this looks to be set up OK.

The goal is to use, for example the url http://servername/appName and have it serve the contents from either web1a, web1b, or web1c :) (the url will actually be an endpoint used as part of a web-service, if that matters at all).

Now, so I can use load-balancing I installed Apache 2.2 into /usr/local/apache2 and I am able to put an index.html in the htdocs dir and get it through http://servername fine, so it appears to be working.

I then edited httpd.conf and added in:

LoadModule weblogic_module modules/mod_wl_22.so


<IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
  WebLogicCluster web1a:7003,web1b:7004,web1c:7005

# Not sure I actually need this, just tried as debugging
<Location /weblogic>
  SetHandler weblogic-handler
PathTrim /weblogic

and restarted apache and WebLogic.  I then tried to access the application through http://servername/weblogic/appName but I get the following error:

"Port number in WebLogicCluster parameter specified in httpd.conf is not an integer less than 65535, or servers are not specified correctly. Cannot continue"

So I am perhaps missing a step or something is incorrectly configured, any steps to diagnose and potentially fix?

(the guide I was following was: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13222_01/wls/docs81/plugins/apache.html#110943)

Thanks heaps in advance :)

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WebLogicCluster web1a:7003,web1b:7004,web1c:7005
Should be
WebLogicCluster servername:7003,servername:7004,servername:7005

Hope this help,

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MichaelT_Author Commented:
Perfect, so simple to fix :) Thanks very much I really appreciate it :)
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