Need to show controls and wait for sounds to play in sequence ?

I'm developing an app where I need to un-hide labels and play sounds in sequence.


label1.hide = NO;
play sound 1
wait for sound to finish

label2.hide = NO;
play sound 2
wait for sound to finish
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The first example from that link create a sound from a file, then (few lines below) you will see the code playing it. It works.
Here is a tutorial:
How to Play a Short Sound in iPhone Code

It is an easy stuff and everything will work for you in few minutes.

Here is AVAudioPlayer:

Tutorial about this approach:
How To Play Sounds In Your iPhone
mindwarpltdAuthor Commented:
But none of these show me how to wait for the the sound file to finish before the next one is played
Use the delegates.
It was not obvious in your question.
Let me know if you will not find it the links I have posted.

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