Barracuda 300 and Exchange 2003

We have one forest with 4 domain trees, we'll call them Domain1, Domain2, Domain3 and Domain4.  Our Barracuda is setup to manage 4 total email domains, one for each AD domain.  We have users that exist in Domain1 that used to exist in either Domain 2 or Domain3.  They still need to be able to receive email at username@domain2 even though their primary email is username@domain1 and they only exist in Domain1.  We are unable to make the Barracuda work with this setup.  If we setup Domain2 email domain to point to Domain2's DC on the Barracuda, and then an email for a user in Domain1 comes into their Domain2 email address, it's unsuccessful in finding the user to verify.  I hope this is making some sense.  The only solution I can think of, thus far, is to remove the email addresses relating to Domain2 and Domain3 from the users in Domain1 and then create mail enabled contacts in the respective domains.
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Have you tried using the "alias linking" feature? On the Barracuda, go into the "manage domain" section for the domain, then go to Users->Valid Recipients.

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Or in AD you could add the email address usename@domain2 for username@domain1
longlivegokuAuthor Commented:
In AD, we already have multiple email addresses assigned to a user.  The issue, is when LDAP verification is attempted by the Barracuda, it's looking at Domain2 domain controller trying to find the user that is located in Domain1.  So email sent to username@domain2 is rejected because the user is not found on Domain2 domain controller.

I'm attempting the alias solution now and will report back.
Sounds good.  

You may need to see about reconfiguring LDAP to look at Domain1 instead of Domain2 for the user located in Domain1.
longlivegokuAuthor Commented:
I ended up generating a list of users effected by the issue.  I used Excel to append the domain2 and domain3 to the end of the user names.  I think just did a copy and paste into the respective domains on the Barracuda under Valid Recipients.  This seems to have resolved the issue.  Thanks.
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