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We have a Server 2003 (uptodate) file&print server, running in a AD domain with a Server 2008 DC.

Every week or so one of my colleagues comes to me and says he/she tries to open a file and a popup comes up that says "file is in use by user *and then nothing or even a ' symbol*".

This mostly happens for Office files, but I've also seen it with DWG. The weird thing is that the popup can't tell exactly which users is already editing the file.
Eventually it always comes down to these 2 scenarios :

-We find out it's really opened by a certain user and we close it at his/her workstation and the issue is resolved.
-The file is not opened by anyone else but the fileserver has it as "open" in the open files mmc. We close it there (on the server) and the issue is resolved.

On top of that we have users who open a file, leave it open for a long time, and when they try and save it are told by the program (often excel) that it is in use by themselves. Again closing the file connection on the fileserver solves the issue.

What's going on ? Are these issues related ?

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I have seen this happen if people are closing apps out improperly or loosing connection to the files on the network. You may want to start a ping to the server and see if you are getting drops that could be causing the programs to close abnormally.
Yes, maybe your users are loosing connection with the file server.

You can also check your server resources, for example, your network bandwith usage, your memory, your cpu.  If your server is not able to respond fast enough, some users may loose connectivity if they are working with huge files.
vindenAuthor Commented:
I tried pinging the server continuously on various moments and all responses are below 1 ms.
I'm going to do some additional performance tests the next weeks.

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