2008 R2 DC DNS Server Starts then Stops After Reboot in DNS

I had  a 2003 DC and a 2003 BDC,
I moved the primary DC to a 2008 R2 box and made it the primary, and I now have demoted the 2003 DC to a BDC

After every reboot on a WIndows 2008 R2 DC, Server Starts then Stops After Reboot in DNS  
The DNS server service is set to automatic yet has not started, and some times I have found it just stopped.
I have to manually start it.

I look at the logs, no errors, it just says that it was stopped.   see attached

Is this a bug on 2008 R2? OR os there comething that I should know that is differnet from 2003???
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at the DNS service dependenices are any of those services erroring out? What errors do you have the server not just DNS errors?
Mike KlineCommented:
How do you have DNS setup on the box, is it pointing to itself for primary and another box for secondary?


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booboo613Author Commented:
Yes I tried it by having point to itself by IP, then the IP of BDC, and another way,, then IP of BDC
vis versa on the BDC
booboo613Author Commented:
I found that one of the roles wer not done correctly when transfered to the new DC.  
Corrected and works fine now.

Thanks to everyone.  
booboo613Author Commented:
Roles were done incorrectly.
Sorry to dig this subject but booboo613, can you provide details about the role you are talking about?
One of my client have exactly the same problem and i don,t find any clue.
booboo613Author Commented:
The roles did fix it for a while, but it happened again. I looked into it a bit furthur and discovered that to put the service on a delayed start.  You can do this in the services.
It fixed eveything 100% of the time after every reboot.  

Hope this helps.
I use the delayed start workaround too but I was hoping that you had found the root cause.
Thanks anyway!
booboo613Author Commented:
I chalk it up to Microsoft workarounds. The root cause I have yet to find.  If there is a cause.  I would also like to  know.  
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