How do I create a dialog list with emails in Lotus Domino that allows the Originator to only see the name not the emails?

For example, if my list contains the following names:

Charles Wentworth
Sally Kline
Peter Cunningham

and their respective emails are:

How can I code the emails to be placed in the field value behind the scenes for the distribution, but allow on the client end them to only see the list as names?
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Use hidden field for mail addresses.
Show only names in dialog.
After the dialog is closed, to get e-mails of seleced person use:

@Replace( sourcelist ; fromlist ; tolist )

sourcelist is field from dialog
fromlist is the list of all names
tolist is the list of all mail addresses

Or, even better, use List in LotusScript, with name as list_key and mail as list_value.
fselliottAuthor Commented:
Cany you explain this in laymans terms please?  I've tried several ways but I'm just not getting it right.
@Replace returns the sourcelist, with any values from fromlist replaced by the corresponding value in tolist.
If none of the values in fromlist matched the values in sourcelist, then sourcelist is returned unaltered.

@Replace("Red":"Orange";  "Orange":"Blue":"Red":"Green";  "Black":"Brown":"Gray":"White")

will evaluate to this list:

"Gray" : "Black"

- it goes through sourcelist
- takes first element "red"
- then locates "red" in fromlist and establishes it's third in the list
- then takes third element from tolist and puts it in result list (list it'll return when it finishes)

- then it takes second element "Orange"

Now clearer?
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In other words:
when you write the Replace function like in the example above you tell the function to:
    return the sourcelist, but first replace:
    "Orange" with "Black"
    "Blue" with "Brown"
    and so on...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can you rephrase your question? I'm afraid I don't understand what you want. Are you talking about:
- a view
- an existing mail, e.g. in the Inbox
- a new mail you're preparing
- is it the standard mail template, or a different one?
- and, most importantly, why do you want to hide information?

Address information can usually be found in the Document Properties, 2nd tab...
fselliottAuthor Commented:
I'm using a dialog list to show the names to the client on a form.  I do not want them to see the emails that are going to the companies outside of ours, but I want to use the emails for distribution.

I am reading the HELP section on the @ReplaceSubstring function right now.  It looks as though I can create a hidden field that translates the dialog list name(s) chosen into a string of emails. Correct?
Yes, that's right.
Also, if your database design is hidden (which is normally the case) the user wont be able to see hidden field value even in document properties.

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fselliottAuthor Commented:
Where/how is the database design hidden? And that makes me think - shouldn't I also prevent changes being made by the company we replicate to?
fselliottAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  
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