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i've asked this question before, and it got answered incorrectly, looking for a windows monitoring system that will display like perfmon in a graph cpu%usage of 5 computers, HTML output for a website. Also i would prefer something without a client that needs to run on the server.  No Nagios, it does not do that, it needs ns++ to get that data. tried cacti, but there are no quick start installation guides that actually work. looking for something that I can set up in less than a month.
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forcefeeldConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm currently using a program called MRTG, grabbing CSV files, it works perfectly, No need for installation of anything on the computers being monitored!!!!!!

We'll I dare to say it any way... Nagios ;)

you don't have to install the client on the servers you want to survey... you just need a "jump-server", on this server you can do 1 of 2...

 # Install NSClient ++ and use this to monitor the other servers ( - eg. by using WMI
 # Install Nagios Web Service Checker (, and use this to monitor the other servers!

By the way - look at NagioSQL, it's an pretty nice GUI for Nagios

As BlackAdderDK said, Nagios is the best tool for monitoring everything you want.
The only problem is that  is a little tricky to configure.
You may want to try Fully automated Nagios (, which is a distro with nagios already integrated and that make a lot of configurations for you.
Hope it helps!
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