word, document locked for editing during mailmerge


One of my users keep getting the below error message, when trying to run automated
mailmerge on Word 2007. I am also on the same version of word, but cant repeat.

The opendatasource2000 method or property is not available as the document is locked for editing

Does any body know of a solution to this or what the error means.

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redrumkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How are you doing?

How long has this been going on? If it is just recent, and worked in the past, try doing a system restore to a date where it worked. Also, try running the office diagnostic:

This article talks about it effecting a 97 install:

Check each of things. That (1) the data is OK. Btw, what format is the data in? Excel file, Database, etc?

Hope this helps,
junebrownAuthor Commented:
I apologise for not answering. your reply came in over easter, and I missed it.

yes all this make sense.

I think part of the problem is Microsoft, as I think the OpenDatasource2000
has now been with drawn and we have to use OpenDatasource

So I am accepting your solution, as it has given be and the user something to think about
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