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mp3 analyzer


I whant to develop an application that could add ID3 info to
my mp3s, info that would be taken from musicbrainz.org or other db
So I need a library that could analyze the mp3 file and give me some
object that I could use it for retrieving that info.

2 Solutions
Which kind of information you should retrieve from the MP3? the only metadata you have are the ID3 tags.
CinarAuthor Commented:
I'm interested in ID3, I know how to read/write them,
now I'm interested in a library that could somehow analyze the mp3, create a hashcode or something and use that for retrieving ID3 info from musicbrainz.org
I can't comment about "MusicBrainz" however, when using freedb (http://www.freedb.org) you need to compute an ID for the CD you have taken a track from, you can find all this information on their site in the "Software->Howto" sections:

But in essence, when you connect to their server to identify a track, you need to provide a disc ID.  This is an 8-digit hexadecimal (base-16) number, computed using data from a CD's Table-of-Contents (TOC) in MSF (Minute Second Frame) form.

--- Below is taken directly from the freedb.org "how-to" file regarding generating an ID to use with their service ---

The following is a C code example that illustrates how to generate the CDDB/freedb disc ID. Examples in other programming languages may be found on the freedb web site at http://www.freedb.org in the developers-section. A text description of the algorithm follows, which should contain the necessary information to code the algorithm in any programming language.

struct toc
      int      min;
      int      sec;
      int      frame;

struct toc cdtoc[100];

      /* Do whatever is appropriate to read the TOC of the CD
       * into the cdtoc[] structure array.
      return (tot_trks);

cddb_sum(int n)
      int      ret;

      /* For backward compatibility this algorithm must not change */

      ret = 0;

      while (n > 0) {
            ret = ret + (n % 10);
            n = n / 10;

      return (ret);

unsigned long
cddb_discid(int tot_trks)
      int      i,
            t = 0,
            n = 0;

      /* For backward compatibility this algorithm must not change */

      i = 0;

      while (i < tot_trks) {
            n = n + cddb_sum((cdtoc[i].min * 60) + cdtoc[i].sec);

      t = ((cdtoc[tot_trks].min * 60) + cdtoc[tot_trks].sec) -
          ((cdtoc[0].min * 60) + cdtoc[0].sec);

      return ((n % 0xff) << 24 | t << 8 | tot_trks);

      int tot_trks;

      tot_trks = read_cdtoc_from_drive();
      printf("The discid is %08x", cddb_discid(tot_trks));

This code assumes that your compiler and architecture support 32-bit integers.
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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi Cinar,

xelous is right, however... you need the exact info from the tracks, so if you rip the MP3 with specific options, like remove silence or a specific compression like Lame, there is a big chance that it's not possible to calculate the right disc ID. On top of that is the calculation based on the "CD's Table-of-Contents (TOC) in MSF (Minute Second Frame)", in a lot of cases, the total time in the TOC is not the same as the summmary of all tracks :-S
So if you have a lot of MP3's and don't have the original disk, there is a big chance that you cant calculate the info.

I'm pretty sure, because I had to tag over 21.000 MP3's and had to do it while ripping or manually because the calculation won't work. By manually processing you can use a tool like "The Godfather", than it will save you manual work becaus this program can generate the info fro the file/path structure.

Regards and good luck,
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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
xelous and I give enough information, so I assume the problem is solved and  Cinar is not willing to assign the answer

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