Group policy

I have 20 windows xp samba PDC clients .I would like they have not  all rights on their win xp.
example:i would like they can not open or to see CONTROL PANEL.
How can i do that in linux debian?
Thank you
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Monis MontherConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
You are limited in Samba PDC in terms of group policy, all you can implement are a few policies that were available with Win NT4, grab a win2000 server installation CD you will find a program called policyeditor.exe run that command on a windows machine it will open for you an NT4 policy editor you can choose from those policies , nothing that was presented in Win2000 or Later can be done with this, its limited to NT4.

Create the policies from whats available and save the final result in a file called NTconfig.POL, it must have this name any other name will not work

Create the netlogon share on samba and put this file under it now when windows users login to the Samba domain this will run on their machines.

I doubt you will make much use today after the enormous development in GPO in Windows servers.

Another Solution would be to wait a while for Samba 4 as it is supposed to fill this GAP.

Hope this saves you lots of searching and trial and error and solutions that will eventually not work
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