Using second SQL server for running reports

I am running SQL 2005 Ent edition.  We have an application that runs on our SQL 2005 server and when users try to run reports off that database, it slows down production.  I want to use the same production database on a different server and have the users run reports off that server so it doesn't impact performance to the other users.  What would be the best way to do this.  I know you can do replication, mirroring, log shipping but i am a newbie to SQL and still learning and looking for expert advice.  Thanks in advance.
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Looking at the problem that you have mentioned, I would suggest you to look at the Reports.
Reports only Select Data from the DB. So instead configuring a replica of your Current Database, Check the procedures/statement used in the report and use Table hints like WITH (NOLOCK) which will not lock the tables while reading.
klittlejohn1Author Commented:
Will that help in terms of performance and not using a lot of resources?  That is another issue we run into when large reports are running.  The large reports don't neccessarily lock, it just takes up a lot of resources and i thought putting that on another server would help.
Any ideas on why the reports are slowing down the database?

There are many things you can do to improve report performance.

Are the reports complex?

Do you use subreports?

Are you filtering so the filtering is done on the database?

Look for table Functions used in the Stored Procs. Use Temp tables.
klittlejohn1Author Commented:
We decided to go with log shipping.

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