Cisco 4400 Controller dropping of Macintosh 10.5 Wireless Clients?


This is more of a, "Do you think it's an Apple issue or a Cisco issue" question. I have a Cisco 4400 wireless controller and 65 AP's within a High School. All students have MacBooks and the teachers have MacBook Pros running between 10.5.6 and 10.5.8 for the operating system. Now here's my question. It is frequent that they loose their AirPort connectivity and it will ask them to re-enter the wireless password (which they don't have)...oh yea, we are using WPA2 Enterprise (suggested by Apple) for encryption. Sometimes they can fix the issue by either turning on and off AirPort or restarting. If that doesn't fix it we log into the local admin user and manually put in the password. It has happened before that we've re-imaged the laptop and it still doesn't work, but sometimes it does. We are trying to figure out if it's an Apple driver or hardware issue, or if it's the Cisco wireless solution issue. What do you guys/ladies think?

Recap of Technology:

MacBook and MacBook Pros running either 10.5.6 or 10.5.8 (It seems to happen less to the Pro's)
Cisco 4400 Wireless LAN Controller controlling 65 Cisco AIR_LAP1142N-K9's AP's
Cisco 3750 48 port POE switch stacks

Thanks for any feedback!
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It sounds like Cisco and Mac don't play well together.  May I suggest using a Apple Airport Extreme wireless router then you won't have a problem with the Macs.  I have tried using NetGear and ran into some hiccups.

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WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
The main reason why we didn't go with the Airport Extreme's is due to the fact that we needed over sixty AP's for the building (it's a 1:1 environment so every student has a district issued laptop). Airports don't like to work well using over 6 AP's). Thanks g000se!
WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
I didn't find the information I was looking for.
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