Need to connect a PC to existing network using old BNC connector


We have an old MS-DOS computer that has a BNC network card that we need to connect into our existing TCP/IP Windows network.

This old MS-DOS PC is the controller for our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machine in our joinery workshop.

Can you tell me where I could source an old BNC network hub in the UK? I have tried Ebay and all the component shops like Maplin but no luck.

Ideally our setup is as follows:

1. The MS-DOS computer uses the NetBeui protocol
2. We connect the MS-DOS PC's BNC connector to a BNC Hub
3. We connect the BNC hub into our existing network using RJ45
4. We map a drive to the MS-DOS PC from a Windows XP PC
5. We copy AlphaCAM drawing files from the Windows XP PC to the MS-DOS PC
6. The CNC loads the files from the network and begins to cut wood.

We are still using floppy discs to load software onto this MS-DOS PC because the BNC hub broke and disconnected it from the network and need to get this back up and running ASAP.
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xtreminatorConnect With a Mentor DIYerCommented:
if its hard to find bnc hub, u can use media converter for one computer
BNC to RJ45 media converter
check one link :
may be this could make your old system free from curse of BNC HUB.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Or you can replace the NIC potentially.  Do you know what model at the moment.  Also if it has an AUI connector on it then you can attach to that... if you get stuck I have half a dozen AUI to BNC adaptors sitting around in a cupboard.... pretty sure I've got an old hub with BNC on too.

neil_sharkAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help. Best idea was to replace the hub with a media convertor or a new hub.
you are welcome...neil_shark 
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