how can i monitor my voice gateway

Is there a way or is there a tool the can monitor the calls from a CISCO voice gate and create a log file, we are having problems with are phone system (taking 2-5 atemps to make a call / phone calls disconnecting / external callers unable to phone in). We think this is due to the number of out going lines we have but i need to be able to monitor the gateway through out the day. I've used the cmd 'show voice call status' when telneting into the gateway but want something that will monitor it through out the day
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Waynec59Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've found out that you can moniter the out going calls through CISCO's Real Time Monitoring Tool

If you click on Call Manager --> Call Process --> then Gateway Activity and choose H323 as Gateway type
Depends on your IOS version, and the trunk, I usually use one of these commands:

deb ccsip call
debug ccsip message
debug voice ccapi inout
deb voip ccapi inout
deb voice dialpeer inout

You can setup your log server to include debug level, or just look at it at the console.

What type of port   you have .If you are using CME you can monitor all port status on your phone it self.You need to reserve some buttons on the phones for this purpose
Means you can monitor your line status on the phone buttons.And you can then identify what is happening with the lines when you try to call outside.It will show you on the phone which lines are busy an which are idle.

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