Some images and Maps do not display in Internet Explorer for users in Citrix

All users in Citrix except for administrators have problems displaying some images in Internet Explorer. For example, Google Maps will not display the map and just leaves the page with a bunch of red X's. I have gone through the settings, made sure "Show pictures" is checked, turned off SpeedScreen, put the sites into the Trusted Sites zone and opened the security within that zone and still nothing. But none of these issues affect anyone that is a domain admin, the pages render correctly and all images are shown. I have a loopback policy set and I have gone through it making sure that all of the Internet Explorer settings are allowing animations, images, javascript, etc, etc.

I would appreciate any assistance.
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awfranceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After searching all day I finally found the answer. It was an issue with the Speed Screen. I ended up turning off Speed Screen, removing the registry key entries and turning back on Speed Screen now it works. It was an issue on all 3 of my Citrix servers so it has to be a bug.
Are your clients (non-administrators) going through a proxy server (i.e. from Citrix server to the internet)?
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