Cisco 3750 Switch StackWise: How to determine number of bytes going through stack cable?

I have a stack of six 3750 switches. It is running great, but I had to replace a bad stack cable.

I'm trying to find out any of the following passing through the stack cables. Can you assist?

Number of failed bytes?
Number of bytes send?
StackWise bandwidth used?
And, if possibly how to clear these values without resetting the switch stack.

3750-stack#sh switch stack
  Switch #    Port 1       Port 2
  --------    ------       ------
    1           Ok           Ok
    2           Ok           Ok
    3           Ok           Ok
    4           Ok           Ok
    5           Ok           Ok
    6           Ok           Ok

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BrassMonkey26Connect With a Mentor Commented:
These are the only available commands to check stackwise configurations:

"show platform stack manager all"
Display all stack information, such as the stack protocol version.

"show platform stack ports {buffer | history}"
Display the StackWise port events and history.

"show switch"
Display summary information about the stack, including the status of provisioned switches and switches in version-mismatch mode.

"show switch stack-member-number"
Display information about a specific member.

"show switch detail"
Display detailed information about the stack ring.

"show switch neighbors"
Display the stack neighbors.

"show switch stack-ports [summary]"
Display port information for the stack. Use the summary keyword to display the StackWise cable length, the stack link status, and the loopback status.

"show switch stack-ring activity [detail]"
Display the number of frames per member that are sent to the stack ring. The detail keyword displays the number of frames per member that are sent to the stack ring, the receive queues, and the ASIC.

If you have Ciscoworks LAN Management in place, it can monitor stackwise configurations. Unfortunately to what extent, I'm not sure...never used it.
First LastAuthor Commented:
I'm running IOS 12.1 and it doesn't support the command "show switch stack-ring activity". This is the one that will give me what I need. Time to update the IOS. Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm adding these to my list.

yah updating IOS is a good start. Glad to help.
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