Windows 2008 NLB Cluster only reachable if I ping the cluster name before attempting to access.

I have 3 Windows 2008 Standard X64 servers setup in a NLB cluster with 2 physical Nics in each.
Nic 1 on each server:
Server1 Public IP-
Server2 Public IP-
Server3 Public IP-

Nic 2 on each server:

DNS entry has been created for NLB name with IP

Cluster Operation Mode: Unicast.

All servers are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2950c switch.

Here is the issue:
Each server is reachable by server host name or host IP address with any app.  I'm trying Remote Desktop as these servers will be in a Remote Desktop Services farm and running a critical application.  I can't reach the servers with the NLB name or by IP with Remote Desktop (or any other app) until I ping the NLB name or IP.  Once I ping NLB name or IP I can make connections to the cluster with any app for about 30 seconds.  After 30 seconds I can no longer make any new connections using the NLB name or IP.  Once connected I don't get kicked off though.
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ok, going out on a limb here, but could arp settings have something to do with this, i.e. caching or something?  sorry for the hasty response, but that's the first thing that popped into my head....

Good luck...
sukhsterAuthor Commented:
SORRY - Forgot to add that a static ARP entry has been created for the NLB virtual mac address.
sukhsterAuthor Commented:
Need to configure a static IP on each NIC that will be used in the NLB cluster.

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sukhsterAuthor Commented:
Need to configure a static IP on each NIC that will be used in the NLB cluster.
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