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We are having issues with Internet Explorer 8 on one of our clients machines. We have tried reinstalling IE and reinstalling Java. When he opens a new tab in IE it should show the about:Tabs page but instead it shows just a blank page, nothing as a page title and no new address in the address bar. In text boxes in IE he can't use the delete key, Crtl-V, or Crtl-C, although right clicking and then copy or paste works fine. From within IE if he goes to tools > internet options nothing opens. If he uses run and then inetcpl.cpl or goes to control panel > internet options, the dialogue opens half way. By this I mean on the general tab, only the browsing history and the appearance sections show up, the home page, search and tabs sections are gone, on the advanced tab, only the settings section shows, the reset internet explorer settings section is gone.  There are other random issues, but these I can reproduce easily. I have included screen shots of some of these issues at  He has Wndows XP. Thanks for any help!
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JParker505Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try running the appropriate attached script It will re register the files requited for IE8 to work correctly. Please make sure IE is closed when you run the file.

Maybe an add-on causing issues?

have you reset IE?

Go to Control Panel Internatet Options>advanced tabs>Reset
D1TSAuthor Commented:
That is not possible since I don't see the reset option as described. Also, I did check to make sure there aren't any add-ons.
Java has nothing to do with it, that's for sure so not sure why you reinstalled it :)

IS this only on one machine? Are you sure you do not have something bad runing there (virus, adware, malware)?
What happens when he opens the browser - does all look ok (so the problem is only when he uses a tab) or does it simply not work at all?

Do ypu have the same issues if you uninstall IE 8 and try with IE 7?

And see if resetting the settings of IE won't help:
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