ASP.NET - Debugger stops working

My debugger quit working. I've tried breakpoints in several different places and the app just blows right by them.
Debug="True" is set at the top of the page.
I tried deleting the .suo file, rebuilding the page and rebuilding the entire application but still can't get the debugger to work. It did work at one point so I'm not sure what's going on...
Any help will be appreciated
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lakhiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the problem - I was the unlucky beneficiary of an IE 8 "feature" called "Loosely-Coupled Internet Explorer" which runs multiple processes and, since I had several browser windows open, it killed the debugger
nomooseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure if this will fix the problem entirely, but try the following things in the order stated because one will resolve the others...

1) In visual studio next to the play (a green arrow) button in the debug toolbar it has a dropdown. Make sure that dropdown is set to "Debug"  If it's set to release the debug files for the site won't be created or updated.

2) In your web.config file there is a line in the <system.web>  tag that says "compilation debug".  Make sure that looks like this:

<compilation debug="true">

3) Another thing you can try is right clicking on the solution in visual studio and click "property pages."  In that window go to "Start Options" and under "Debuggers" make sure "ASP.NET" is checked off.

If those don't work I can dig around and try to think of more creative ways to get the debugger to do what it's supposed to.
lakhiAuthor Commented:
nomoose: I checked all of the things you suggested and I have <compilation debug="true"> set in my web.config file, I checked the start options and ASP.Net is checked off under "Debuggers". I don't have a dropdown by the green "play" but when I roll my cursor over the play button it says "Start Debugging"

amdefacto: I'm not getting any of the error messages in the article you suggested. The only one that relates to the problem I'm having takes me to an article that says to set ASP.Net debugging for the application and both articles only go thru to VS 2003 and I'm using VS 2005
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