Multiple database update on article submit.

Hello everybody, am a programmer since 14 years in windows technology and I've used PHP a bit but am far from being an expert in PHP. Anyhow this to say that here's what I want to do:
Joomla 1.5.15.

I have 16 sites on subdomains that are running ( at this moment ) an exact copy of each others. So same site on 16 different subdomains all running on they're own separate database. On one of this subdomain, from the FRONT END we could log in and edit the articles ( cannot add just edit them ). Now what I want to do is add under the METADATA section another section that would list the 15 other websites with a check box beside. Once the article edited the user will checkmark the sites that he/she wants to have this article publish to also.  So basically if I checkmark the 15 website well when I will hit the save button I want to insert this articles in the 15 other database as well.

Pretty simple in theory but I have no clue on how to do it in Joomla cause am all confused with the extensions.. modules.. plugins.. and so on..

Can you help me out on pointing me on how I need to do it ( not code it for me )  but really the structure of what I have to do..  Currently I have manage to add the form under the METADATA section that list the websites with the checkbox.. I have edited the file in : \templates\templateName\html\com_content\article\form.php   -- Maybe this is not even the good way to go?
Anyhow, this is why I am asking for some help.
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Start here:
Specifically here:

The Joomla multi site component has evolved so much since the last time I looked at it that I can't say absolutely where it stands in relation to your issue. It seems really close.

Component: becomes the content for a page, populates the page body where would otherwise expect to see article content, such as a calendar or a photo gallery
Module: occupies a specific template position to execute its behavior, such as a login form or a menu
Plugin: operates silently upon the content before rendering, such as a button that gets added to a wysiwyg editor or a filter that searches for email addresses and encrypts them from spam bots.
Forgot this link: all items in category multi site:
DaDManAuthor Commented:
hum.. this is interresting. Did'nt know about that. -- but this would involve that I install Joomla multisite , which I dont know the work involved.. ( dont wanna get in more trouble than I am now! :D )

Would'nt it be easier for me to simply trap the checkbox that was checkmarked on the edition article page ( of the front end site, because the user wont use the backend.. too complex for them... ) and then save all the related data into the checkmarked database? That was my first thought..  The only problem is that I dont know what file to edit...
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OK without research I don't know either (sorry I'm jammed today) but my thought is that you have to follow the MVC Joomla coding procedures or you will end up wishing you had bought some code to solve the problem. It's a learning curve either way.
DaDManAuthor Commented:
Ok well here's what joomla_php ( and thanks alot for your help ).

The solutions found will be this ( alot easier ). I will do a custom page that I will integrate in the front page. This page will have a select list that will contains all the articles name ( need to know how to populate this or is there a plugins, component that allows me to do that ? ) and wlil list the 16 websites with checkboxe's beside. User will select an article and checkmark the website that he wants to publish the article to. hit save and thats all.

So, is there any plugins that allows me to create my page and populate the list box with the db fields? As far as for the bulk insert in the multiple database I could manage to do it with some sql queries upon the save.

Thanks for your help and for pointing me out in the good direction.

You could model your solution from this one which allows any type of html POST

or these contact forms

This should allow you to write any code you like in a textarea and publish it to any page

This might be a cool way to solve it, use a database app

Hope this isn't too general.

I don't know how to populate a select list (select and options, right) but I will bet you will find that in the first link I posted.


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DaDManAuthor Commented:
Hi there. Yep I've got something started now and your help was appreciated.
Thanks heaps.

Have a nice evening

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