Revoking an SSL certificate from GoDaddy

I need to purchase a new UCC certificate from GoDaddy. I need to replace an existing standard SSL cert - with a UCC certificate with multiple domains / common names on my server (so that I can have and The standard cert is already in use on the company server.

Unfortunately I cannot generate a new UCC certificate at GoDaddy with as it gives an error saying a certificate with the same name already exists (mine). GoDaddy say that I must revoke the original certificate on their website management page before i can produuce the new one.

My question is, will this stop services to the server working whilst I am in limbo between the old and new certificate. There will be some 'down' time between revoking the old and installing the new. The certificate is used for Outlook Anywhere, Webmail and Activesync. How does the server at my customer's premises know that the certificate has been revoked? When you go to webmail for example, does internet explorer contact both the customer's server and then GoDaddy to check if the certifcate is still valid. Or if I revoke the certifcate will everything continue to work?

Please help? thanks.
Lee PepperDirectorAsked:
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Yes - your services will be in limbo between removing one cert and installing another.
Best to do this at a time when there is least traffic on your server.

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Lee PepperDirectorAuthor Commented:
Hi Alan,

Thanks for your comments.

There wont be any downtime between removing and reinstalling from the server. I can do this in a couple of minutes. I have created the CSR without any problem.

I mean when the certificate is revoked at GoDaddy (I wont do anything on my server at this point). For example, how does Internet Explorer (when someone goes to to get their webmail) know that the certificate is revoked at GoDaddy?

Lets say I revoke the certificate at GoDaddy but leave the server with that same certificate installed (or bound to the default website) and then when I can create the new UCC cert at GoDaddy and swap them around will there be any downtime?

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I am not aware that you revoking the certificate at GoDaddy will cause any problems to your website due to the certificate no longer being technically valid.  The certificate will still show valid dates and is still technically valid, so I would be surprised if there are any issues.
Lee PepperDirectorAuthor Commented:
Not much info given but enough to go on.
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