Bullets not printing in Word 97

Hi, I have a client that I work with, that is uable to print the bullets in Word 97.  They will show up on the print preview, but when she tries to print, just blank spaces appear.  I replaced the "wingding" font, and this is still happening.

I had her try on a different printer, thinking it was a driver issue...and the same thing happened.

The only thing I haven't tried was to reinstall office!
Please help

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Craig BowmanConnect With a Mentor IT Services SupervisorCommented:
I know you did part of this already but have you tried all these steps?

It might be because her computer is missing the font that makes the bullets.
Check that you have these two in C:\Windows\Fonts

If not, they can be extracted from the
Windows CD or cab files.

There is also a setting in Word that overcomes the Fonts issue
Go to Tools / Options / Save tab
Check the box for "Embed TrueType Fonts"

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HesitdeptAuthor Commented:
I tried all of that---still not working!  
HesitdeptAuthor Commented:
Still having issues but thanks
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