Roaming profiles and Outlook

If I have a user with windows 7 professional, running Outlook 2007, using roaming profiles: if they switch to another Win7 machine, their profile stuff will transfer fine with the roaming, but will Outlook 2007 be set up (configured) and ready to use, or do they have to fill out the mailserver details on each new machine?

Is there any difference if they use POP3 accounts or actually log on to Exchange mail servers (none of which are in-house, but in another office in another country)?

We have a windows 2008 STD server running an AD domain.
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Brian BConnect With a Mentor Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Any settings which are written to the profile should transfer with the roaming profile. So if the Exchange connection is set up on one system, it should follow them to the next.
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