Exchange multiple email domains: relay access denied

I set up a new email domain using recipient policy in Exchange. MX and DNS records were also added for the new domain. When I send email from an external mail server to the new domain, I get the following error: 550 550 5.4.1 Relay Access Denied.

We have a 3rd party IT vendor that is supposed to set these things up for us, but they never seem to do it right. They use the Microsoft frontbridge SPAM filter. All our email is routed through the filter. I don't have access to view how filtering is configured, so I can't tell if the filter is blocking the new domain or not.

Is there a way to trace exactly where the email is being blocked? Could this be an issue with the Exchange configuration?
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Hilal1924Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Definitely looks like to be Spam Filter or it could be your mail server too. You can Check your Exchange Logs and see if that Mail amde it to your server and was then dropped. Or it didn't make it at all to the server, which indicates that you spam filter is the guilty Party. SMTP logs and Tracking logs on Exchange are your friends in this case. Aslo would it be possible to turn on advanced mode for the NDR that you recieve on the external server?

CazarAuthor Commented:
Yes, the SPAM filter turned out to be the problem.
any chance you could give a bit more details on how the spam filter was the problem?

we're getting exactly the same messages:

550 5.4.1 Relay Access Denied

but only on outbound mail going through our microsoft forefront web portal

internal mail works fine, but i can't work out why forefront isn't letting outbound e-mail out
I too would like to know more about how the spam filter was the problem.  Can you explain?

I'm getting the exact same error message.

Thank you,

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