I need the file: p_getlastinput.dll

Not really a question, but I need either the "p_GetLastInput.dll" or some other DLL that can do the same.  And I need it as soon as possilbe.  The attached code (and today's date) should make it obvious why.

Dim tm, sys, objShell

Set tm = CreateObject("p_GetLastInput.clsIdle")
Set sys = CreateObject("JSSys3.ops")
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WScript.sleep 1000
    If tm.idletime > 2000 Then
        If sys.GetActiveWindowTitle() <> "" Then
            objShell.Run "rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation", 1, False
        End If
    End If


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After much googling, I was unable to find that dll.  However, this might help you out...

sweekes283Author Commented:
Yeah, I've seen that one.  It's only good for Remote Connections though.  The DLL I'm after just hooks into the Keyboard and Mouse and reports the last time that either was used.  There aren't any Windows objects that will work for this, so I'm really hoping to come across the same or a similar DLL that someone has assembled.
Hi sweekes283,

If you want run something after the computer has been idle for a set period of time, you can use the task scheduler using the on idle option.  The downside of this is that the smallest unit is one minute.  It can be automated though using schtasks.exe

sweekes283Author Commented:
Oh how I love the wayback machine.  Located the dll on a defunct website (attached).  Back to harassing coworkers now.

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