Network Printing Issue - Insufficient rights - Cannot Connect

Here's the skinny:

We have two Windows Server 2008 R2 DC's and we want to move the print server to one of them.  

We're starting printers are going on the new server, and the old print server still in play for old printers.

At any rate, I installed the Print Server role, added the new printer (it's connected via TCP/IP port -- it is not physically plugged into the server), shared it, set the permission for "Domain Users" to "Print"

I'm able to connect and print to it, but as the SysAdmin, I've got elevated permissions.  The other users on XP SP3 get "you do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation" when trying to connect to the printer.

I'm not sure what else I can do beyond giving "Everyone" printer owner permissions.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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liscrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is resolved, it ended up being a driver issue.  Once the proper drivers were installed, we were able to connect as normal.
If I understand correctly, if you are using a TCP/IP port for printing you do not have to do anything with a server because you are printing directly to the printer & not going through the server....If you have a LAN printer with an IP, you shoul d be able to add a printer to a workstation as you said without using the server as such \\serverip\printer

The error message you are getting is probably because their is some kind of GPO applied to the workstation. Try logging into the computer as admin & installing the printer. Then if a user logs in they should be able to use it.
liscrAuthor Commented:
With our older print server, we can just click type "//server" in the run dialog box which brings up all of the printers on that server, then just double-click the printer that you want to connect to and voila! printer is connected.  Right now, I can do that...but no one else can.

We're using roaming profiles, so I think if I added it as Administrator, then it still wouldn't be connected for the user, unless I configured it as a local printer via TCP/IP - which seems like more work than it should be.
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