Weird Windows 7 formatting problem

I have a great Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 7 Pro - no problems until today. I had a screen freeze, after reboot Windows looks strangely white! I cannot see graphics in Powerpoint or Excel or shade cells. However I can view the presentation and the graphics are there. Also no graphics or background colours in IE. AN occasional inconsistent error box "Failed to create an IPC port" appears - note I am not running any copde, so this must be Windows code.

This appeares to be profile based. When I create a new account and login to that, all is well - it's just my own accoubnt which may in some way be corrupt. ANy way of fixing it, please? Should I reinstall WIndows?
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CunningbeefConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nothing worked, I ended up doing a full factory settings reinstall. Annoying waste of my time.
if it works just fine on new account profile then there may be aany malware that might have infected just yours profile

first run malware bytes on yours system drive.

and  simply backup all data from this profile and make another user say Cunningbeef and make this user superuser by adding this user in all existing groups on this system in "member of" tab

i think its better idea to do the above rather than reinstalling windows isnt? :)
CunningbeefAuthor Commented:
Malware Bytes picks up the supposed malware "Hijack.DisplayProperties" but I understand this isn;t really Malware, it's part of Windows. Nothing esle showed up and "fixing" it hasn't changed anything.
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CunningbeefAuthor Commented:
Another reason I thought it might be malware is McAfee started today reporting that my computer was "not fully protected" even though I have a fully paid up subscription. When I click on "Fix" in McAfee nothing happens.
Download AVG's free rescue disk and try that.
CunningbeefAuthor Commented:
...I mean the problem was a waste of my time, not the very helpful suggestions !!
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