Running C# application from COmmand prompt

I have developed C# application which uses Win 32 Classes for performing task. It fetches system level details for remote machine on domain

Now for executing this I use schedule task which points to exe of application & uses admin id & password for execution,

Since application fetches system level details, therefore this uses should have admin right on machine whose details are getting fetched.

Now there are few machine which are not in domainm. I need to fetch the details of these mahcine. Since these machines are not on network, hence my id will not work.,

I have created local admin user for this.

How to excute application now?
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grayeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This might be a complex problem...
For example, if  you application uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), then there a few security rules that apply differentely to domain vs non-domain computers.  One of the "rules" is that if a remote PC is in a workgroup, then impersonation will fail if User Account Control (UAC) is enabled (for WinV,Win7,Win2008, etc)
Or you can create a shortcut to your app. Then right-click it and you'll probably see "Run as..." item in context menu.
rain_dewAuthor Commented:
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