Suggestions on Deployment Tool

I am working on VS 2005 - Windows Application.
We have few enhancements and bug fixing work to finish the project.

Our application is already deployed and running in on all computers.
In addition to this, we need to release new builds on regular interval.

I am not an expert on developing .Net MSI Deployment Tool. As we need to take build on regular interval, i am looking for third party tools like Install shield.

I am looking forward for more suggestions / comments from experts
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TomDromiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the easy way is to use Click-Once - it is build-in in Visual studio and works greate for me for few years.
you can publish to a network location or to a web location. then you send the users the address and any time you have a new build they recive a message when they open the software or at regular interval.

you access this option by click propertise on the project on visual studio and then on the publish tab.
you need to make the project signed before that (on the signed tab).

comment on problems.

chokkaAuthor Commented:
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