Where can I find a mac os x driver for dell photo printer 720?

Where can I find this print driver?  I tried using the LexMark print drivers, but they insist on them being hooked up via a network, and not directly through USB.  I've also tried using some of the generic gutenprint drivers to no avail.
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MactechtrainerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, there are no Mac OS X supported drivers that Dell has made for the Dell Photo Printer 720. The drivers made for this printer were only designed to support Windows OS.

Dell Photo Printer 720 Driver Support Page

Also for future reference, depending on the brands of printers you use with your Mac computer(s) here are some key links directly from Apple Support, which will allow you to reference a general listing of all major printer brands that support the Mac OS  X Leopard or Snow Leopard platform.

Supported Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Leopard
Supported Printer and Scanner Drivers for Mac OS X Snow Leopard


Shaun McNicholasSenior Marketing TechnologistCommented:
Having owned several Lexmark and Dell printers, I'd say you would be better off to recycle it and buy a new printer. Simple printers are inexpensive, and if you watch sales, you can pick up a multi-function printer/scanner/copier with photo quality printing for around a $100. It will cost that  much to replace the ink cartridges in the Dell.
I agree with mactech on this. That model and specifically Dell printers with Apple are a tough go sometimes. I would say if you are bent on keeping that printer why not share it out via a windows machine or use a simple print server?

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