using ftp commands

How can I use the get command to retrieve a file with the latest date?  there multiple files that look like this  with a date as part of the file:   HQ_FILENAME_03312010.    
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cbest846Author Commented:
In my question, I forgot to add this information.  I am ftp'ing from a windows server 2008 to an ftp server.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Is the date format a known one, i.e. is the file always yesterdays date or todays date etc. as you basically have two methods
1. Format the filename yourself locally and the do a GET command to get it using date handling on the Windows end.
2. Take a directory listing of the remote end and get the relevant file from the list.

#1 is probably easier if it gives you the file you want.  You can get the filename right using techniqies like these:

and then put that into an ftp script using these:

We can stitch it together if you tell us a bit moe about the file dates .

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cbest846Author Commented:
the files are sent to the ftp server by the client every day. each file has this format that contains the date it was sent --   filename example,  HQ_FILENAME_03312010.    (file ends with period) sent on 3/12/2010.   the script should run every day and pull down today's date file and copy it to same name with extension .zip.  Once in the windows directory, it would be unzipped and processed
cbest846Author Commented:
Thank you
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
I missed your response back for some reason, sorry - wasn't ignorng the Q.  Thanks for selecting my answer but if you need any more help just click on "ask a related Q" and we can carry on.

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