WRT54GL Wireless Repeater with LAN connectivity

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I have an interesting situation.  I have my cable modem and Netgear wireless router in my basement.  I have my Xbox 360 and desktop PC on the second floor and neither has a wireless card.

What I do have is an extra Linksys WRT54GL wireless router.  I'm wondering if it's possible to use that as a wireless repeater/port replicator so I can hook it up on the second floor, have it connect to my main wireless, repeat that signal, and also have the 4 LAN ports work as part of the "repeating".  This would allow me to use the Xbox 360 and desktop PC via wired connection on the Linksys router upstairs (and not pay money to buy wireless adapters).

I haven't flashed the DD-WRT firmware yet, but can do so if needed.

Thoughts on this?  Is it possible?
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Definitely flash dd-wrt and setup as "repeater bridge". Start with wireless encryption off and get it working and then turn encryption back on.
This will work fine depending using the bridge routing functions of DDWRT.  You will have to download the opensource firmware from - http://dd-wrt.com

Choose your router (WRT54GL) from the table - http://dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices#Linksys

Make sure your model of Linksys matches the version of the install directions you selected from the table.

Follow the instructions to flash your router with the firmware provided in the instructions (follow directions exactly - risk of bricking your router is a very small but unavoidable risk)

Follow the instructions on bridge routing (use the security info from your primary router, the Belkin) - http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Wireless_Bridge

If security details are correct and other parameters are done following the instructions, this will work.

I currently run bridged routing with two WRT54G router running DD-WRT.  For heavy bandwitdth loads like VOIP you will probably need a hard connection to your primary router.

I love DD-WRT and I think you will too!

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there's also tomato firmware, which is in fact a modification of original Linksys WRT54GL firmware. It has neat looking bandwidth monitoring graphs and AJAX based interface.  I personally find more user friendly than DD-WRT.

Tomato firmware:

Installation instructions:

Comprehensive guide to enable wireless client mode:
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Just a note. I have found the tomato firmware to be slightly less stable than dd-wrt on a GL.(Not intending to start a war, just my own observations)
annexitAuthor Commented:
Tested this and so far it looks good.  I'll do some extensive testing tonight and through the weekend and report back.
annexitAuthor Commented:
After some fiddling it's working great, both for my PC and Xbox 360.  Thanks all!
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