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I have 2 exchange servers in my organization (MAIL and MAIL3).  I have moved mailboxes from the older server MAIL to the new server MAIL3.  When I look at the queues in MAIL3, I have 160 messages that are stuck in queue which are from MAIL server.  How do I relase them fo re-establish mail flow, again.
Francis MichaelIT ManagerAsked:
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Not the prettiest solution, but you can delete them and send an NDR to the sender. That is assuming that new messages are able to go through.
Are the problematic mails addressed to your internal users? (incoming mails?)
In that case you should check if you have configured routing group on old server that redirects mails on new server.
If the mails are outgoing, you should check if virtual SMTP server is configured correctly on that box.

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Francis MichaelIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi TBone2K,
I am not about to do that.  Is there something else I can try?
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