How to Create Bootable Windowx XP CD from Microsoft EXE file?

1. I have downloaded the following Windows XP SP3 ISO from Microsoft: SW_CD_Windows_XP_Professional_32BIT_English_32_XPsp3_MLF_X14-73974.EXE.
2. Problem: it's a self-extracting file and not an ISO.
3. Extracting it gives all the files of the Windows XP CD, but burning these files does not make a bootable CD.
QUESTION: How do I make a bootable CD from this EXE file?
waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAsked:
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Use CD Burner XP or ImageBurn (Both are freeware). They should both have options to make the disc bootable. Alternatively, you can use nlite which will also allow you to customize the installation and slipstream drivers, hotfixes and various programs.
Create a bootable XP CD from your I386

Since it extracts the files this should be able to help.....
B HCommented:
it might be easier to just go back and download the ISO file
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just rename the extension to .ISO (It actually is an .ISO image file)
Extract the files to a specific directory, download ImgBurn (from the makers of DVD Decryptor  -  Freeware) and make an ISO from the contents of the directory.
waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
To Maximum1001: extraction of files plus packaging extracted files into an ISO does not make the CD disc bootable.
To MASQUERAID: When I renamed the file to ISO and began burning it, about 50% through the process (looking at Roxio's progress bar), the process failed and logged the error "sense code 02, ASC 04, ASCQ 08", which I discovered means "LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, LONG WRITE IN PROGRESS" (according to "" - This identical failure happened TWICE (CD-R discs are no longer useable).

To Johnb6767: The instructions in the link require me to download a file for the CD boot sector. Since this CD is for the enterprise, I cannot risk incorporating Internet downloaded files: what is the procedure for extracting the necessary boot sectors and/or information from a pre-existing Windows XP CD-ROM?

To Sirocco87: I didn't see any options in the apps to make a CD bootable; however, I've used other CD-burning apps that make CDs bootable - however, it's not the same type of bootability that will allow me to install the Windows XP OS from the CD.

To bryon44035v3: I doubt the file is corrupted because extracting it and running the executable works since you're running the executable from within an already-installed OS.
Let's try something else:

1.) Extract the files into a folder on the desktop.

2.) Download and install nlite

3.) Start nLite and point it towards the folder on the desktop.

4.) Select, "create bootable ISO"

5.) Burn disc

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waforbes100Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Ha-le-lu-jah! I am fully satisfied and eternally grateful!
Nlite does exactly what I need (PLUS MORE)!
B HCommented:
"To bryon44035v3: I doubt the file is corrupted because extracting it and running the executable works since you're running the executable from within an already-installed OS."

wasn't saying it was corrupt, but that they offer a pre-made ISO that you can download instead of the self-extracting EXE
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