BES - Moving email accounts to a new SG

Hey all,

We run BES 5 on a dedicated server. We also run Exchange 2003 Enterprise, SP2, on it's own server. I want to create another Storage Group on the Exchange server and move some users to it. How will this affect people on the BES? Will the BES Server see the move or do I need to do something? Note that the Exchange users are moving within the same server. Thanks!
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This should not affect BES at all. Totally transparent. Of course I would recommend moving just one test user and then verifying everything still works for him.

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This will surely not affect BES. Blackberry Messaging Agent talks to Exchange server, which inturn talks to AD for mailbox information of user and starts contacting user's mailbox from different mailbox store.
exadmin2006Author Commented:
Thanks. So no restarting any servers or services on the BES?
No need
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