Resouces folder - Embedded vs Copy to Output Directory

Project uses Click-Once deployment.

In the project's Properties - Resources tab, I have a bunch of images which in the Properties window shows that their Persistence property = "Linked at compile time".  These images are used for toolbar button images.

However in the Solution Explorer in the Resources folder these image files are shown with:
Build Action: None
Copy to Output Directory: Do Not Copy

Shouldn't the Copy to Output Directory set to something other than "Do Not Copy" being that apparently they are "Linked at compile time"?
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It is OK.

two options:
1. if you connect these buttons at runtime with code you need them to be copy to the directory and access them as you get image from local file (bad option).
2. you define these images at design time and these images alredy copy to be resource of the toolbar.

if you connect to your images at run time from the resources you need to configur them to be "embedded at resource" and then you access them with code. in this option you also able to save them to local file after installation.

if you have problem with the code write it here and I'll assist.

BC_EasyriderAuthor Commented:
These images used with the toolbar buttons are added to the buttons at design time from which I would assume that the linking and properties for the images would be set automatically.  I don't need to code anything, I just want to ensure that there won't be any issues once I deploy my application.
this is Ok.

if you want to look on the inside you can see (with 'show all files' button on the top of the file explorer in VS) that any form class have also it's own resource file that embedded these images inside.


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BC_EasyriderAuthor Commented:
A simple yes/no would have sufficed.
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