Audiocodes MP-114 (4port FXO) Registration Problems

I have an Audiocodes MP-114 4 port FXO (fw 5.4) on some legacy POTS lines going to a commerical asterisk box.  I can make outbound calls without any problems.  Essentially, outbound registers fine and inbound will not register to the asterisk box.  Incoming calls are answered and dropped to dialtone.

In this configuration each line of the MP-114 has its own SIP login and registration as the lines are discrete and can't be pooled.  This is working outbound but I think this configuration is at least a part of the incoming registration problem.

Need to find someone with good knowledge of the MP-114/8 series on FXO as there are so many parameters that can be changed that I don't know where to look...
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edattoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For incomming calls, you must do that at the configuration page:

Protocol Configuration -> Endpoint Settings -> Automatic Dialing

And there, put the asteisk IP on the "Destination Number" for each port, and set "Enable" on each "Auto Dial Status"
LexmarAuthor Commented:
Tried it and still will not register on inbound to pbx.
I know the asterisk box is picky on Caller ID for trunk routing.  If I leave it blank or set it to * will it match any?
Just for test, make an inbound route for Any DID/ Any CID and route it to some ivr or extension.
And, check the * log file to see if * can see the call.
LexmarAuthor Commented:
The probelm was more on the asterisk side.  Asterisk wanted a single registration for the audiocodes IP even though it would be 4 channels wide as it were.  4 registrations for 4 individual DID's just didn't work from a single IP address.

Changing it to have a pool of 4 incoming trunks under a single registration did work but was not accetable to the required operating conditions.  We stopped tinkering with it when the commercial SIP trunking was ablew to finally trap the incoming phone numbers from the original telco carriers (14 working days).  At that point we disconnected the POTS lines and the MP-114 as unecessary.

The answer was helpful in suggesting which way we should try next.
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