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I have a client thats company web site is infected with many viruses and is being contacted by their clients about the problem. They do not know who hosts or maintains their web site so I did a whois search and found who hosts the site. The contact number has been disconnected so I contacted AIT who registered the site and was give a different contact number. This was also disconnected.
The client want the web site taken down and are in the process of creating a new site with a different domain name.
How do you get the dns entries removed so the web site is not available if you can not contact or find the person responsble for the information?
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You can identify a web hosting company, or a DNS registrar. This do not need to be the same.

If you are able to contact the web hosting company, you can ask them to shut down the site (or do it yourself with some control pannel).

If you are able to contact the registrar, you can remove (or change) a record for www. If you cannot, go to a registrar of a parent domain and move the whole domain to a new registrar.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
can you specify the domain name?
Who has control of the domain name? Find/gain access to the domain and repoint the domain name where ever you desire.

The hosting provider and domain provider (registrar) can be the same company or two entirely different companies. The domain in this case is your goal. If they used an acredited domain registrar...contacting them should be relatively easy.

Call me if you need my assistance, would be glad to discuss it with you. 949-309-2430 x707 (PST)
RblissAuthor Commented:
The domain registrar will only talk to the owner of the domain and say that I must contact them. When I lookup the host domain it points back to the same person that is regitered as the owner of the domain we want removed. All contact numbers are disconnected. I do not know if the original web hosting provider has been sold,orphaned or what. I have been told there is very little that can be done without being the owner of the domain name.
The client has one of their relatives building a new site for a different domain name so we recommended having the site developed by a professional web developer who will configure the site so it is higher on the list of sites when searched for with a search engine.  This is a very basic web site with only a couple of pages. Hopefully the new site can be up quickly . We also recommended sending either an email or letter to their patrons informing them of the new URL.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I would work with the registrar providing any info you can to satisfy them in this situation.
There is a slim chance that if the admin or tech contact of the domain is listing your client's company info, they may be able to release it to you after you provide documentational proof of ownership/satisfaction. But if the web developer or hosting provider registered the domain under their info AND the current registrar is not willing to work with would most likely have to be resolved in arbitration or court.
This is a pretty bad migration not only from loss in traffic and recurring visitors to the web site but also in email correspondence loss.
Also consider their email tied to the old domain name - could be an issue or at least a void that needs filling.
I would try everything to get the registrar to work with you on this for the best possible outcome.
If i can be of any assistance please let me know. Our firm does SEO and domain acquisition.

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RblissAuthor Commented:
As I said the web site is very basic, no email,no links that I know of.  Really only used for getting the phone number and some info about the place. I am reluctant to open the web site as it has been reported to be very infected. I was also told that they needed to renew the domain sometime in March but did not do so. As far as I know they have never been listed in any ownership documentation.  The domain name is no longer available so someone grabbed the name in hopes of selling it back. From what they told me this has been a problem for some time and they either ignored the problem or tried to fix it themselves and then called us this morning. If they can get a new web site up and are listed higher in the search lists the people searching should be directed to new site. I did tell them it may take legal action to resolve the problem with the other site but I'm not sure they want to spend the money required.  
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
aaa ic. I dont think there is much more you can do them... hope i helped!
take care.
The best option might be choosing a new domain name and positioning it higher (what probable would be easy) that the old one.
RblissAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the quick responses. I think they are going to have to live with what can be done now.  
It just validates the the best practice of making sure the owner of the domain name is the client and not the developer that created the site for them. Also renewing the domain before it expires.
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